I live on the picturesque south coast of New South Wales, Australia, together with my wife Sue and 18-year-old twins. I come from a large, high-spirited family upbringing and immersed myself in anything sci-fi from a very early age.

My many life experiences include working as a building foreman on major, capital city projects, touring on a motor bike across the country and playing rugby, have translated well into my stories.

As a carpenter and building graduate, my work has taken me to many locations, meeting some fascinating characters and at times falling into extraordinary situations. On a large building site in Sydney I began my first full-length story and, some years later, have completed a children's novella and a bunch of short stories and screenplays, some of which winning international recognition.

My appreciation of nature and concern for the environment, coupled with a large interest in bio-sustainable technology and practices are some of the influences that led to the subject matter in my debut novel, Fallen City.                                                                                                     

Greg’s other publications and screenplays

Fallen City – Zumaya Publications 2002 – a Sci-fi novel

 Jarry & Kayli’s Fantastic Quest – MMP  2004 -- a children's novelette

Togetherness – Antipodean – sci-fi flash fiction

 Sian – self published – 2009 – sci-fi novella

 Fantasy Forest – 2010 – Mountain Mist Productions – Children’s (edition 2 of previous work)

 Fallen City, Last Haven – feature Screenplays 

 Separation, Ritual, Pagans Forfeit, Sian - short screenplays                                                                                     

 Vampire Ritual: a short story in the anthology, Vampires Aren’t Pretty, May December Publications 2011

 Rite: a short story published in The Speculative Edge Magazine for the special Halloween edition 2012

 Separation: a short story published in Speculative Edge Magazine for the special Armageddon edition December 2012

Conversion: a short sci-fi story - ongoing, 2014