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Fallen City

 by Gregory Austin

    Best International Science Fiction 2003


Solar (U.S.)

...if you crave solid SF action/adventure, Greg Austin's Fallen City is an excellant choice.

The Eternal Night Science Fiction (U.K.)

This is a rewarding novel. It's very fast plotted, with a high action content, but against this there are wonderful character driven scenes certainly delivers a thoroughly compelling tale... 

Rambles. com (U.S.)

Good characters, good plot, good action, good writing -- this book seemingly has it all... if you are tired of novels that lack action and have overblown dialogue, Fallen City is a sure-fire hit. All the fluff is stripped away, leaving a solid story. It dosen't rely on melodrama to carry the situation, just great characterization. Hopefully this isn't the last story of Jarrett St. John and Nakella - there's a whole new world waiting to be explored

Timeless Tales (U.S.)

This is great science fiction... a very well written book.

Amazon Listmania

4 star review. Voted number three on publisher's list.

Megan Speres-Brown Review (AUS)

 ...a solid, believable story...vivid action scenes. (U.S)

...highly entertaining - 4 stars. 

The Price Search (net book seller)

Rated 4.33 out of five stars