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***** five star review HAVEN’S END from Dr Bob Rich Australia

I edited a much earlier version of this story for Greg, and am impressed by how it has grown into a tale that grips you, and forces you to think. It now has depth and power. The narrative flows, and although I remembered the general outline of the plot, I had a compulsion to read on.

More than 700 years after humanity has destroyed earth’s environment, the surface is lush and green, but the inhabitants of an underground city designed for survival still continue hiding, despite gradually failing infrastructure. Survival has descended into slavery, with a master class dealing out death to anyone who dissents. A blood sport keeps the masses docile.

Marcus Jarrett is the champion, adored by the crowds, but he is intelligent, and thinks for himself. So, he is a danger to the despots.

In a masterful way, Greg Austin shows how wealth, power and privilege corrupt, and how myths designed for another time can stifle a culture.

There is a group of survivors on the surface too, who are descended from a blending of Aborigines and city refugees. There also, a pattern of living designed for the past stifles the present, and a rebel arises. The contrast between the two cultures is striking and illuminating, and their interaction even more so.

I am delighted to give 5 stars to this excellent novel.

Fallen City

 by Gregory Austin

    Best International Science Fiction 2003


Solar (U.S.)

...if you crave solid SF action/adventure, Greg Austin's Fallen City is an excellant choice.

The Eternal Night Science Fiction (U.K.)

This is a rewarding novel. It's very fast plotted, with a high action content, but against this there are wonderful character driven scenes certainly delivers a thoroughly compelling tale... 

Rambles. com (U.S.)

Good characters, good plot, good action, good writing -- this book seemingly has it all... if you are tired of novels that lack action and have overblown dialogue, Fallen City is a sure-fire hit. All the fluff is stripped away, leaving a solid story. It dosen't rely on melodrama to carry the situation, just great characterization. Hopefully this isn't the last story of Jarrett St. John and Nakella - there's a whole new world waiting to be explored

Timeless Tales (U.S.)

This is great science fiction... a very well written book.

Amazon Listmania

4 star review. Voted number three on publisher's list.

Megan Speres-Brown Review (AUS)

 ...a solid, believable story...vivid action scenes. (U.S)

...highly entertaining - 4 stars. 

The Price Search (net book seller)

Rated 4.33 out of five stars